Intention Matters

There is one main theme in ALL of this;


We are in a constant state of creating our own reality. Our thoughts absolutely manifest themselves.

Our bodies, just like everything else in our universe, are not solid mass. We are made up of energy; pure, perfect energy. We are part of a collective ‘machine’ and every movement or thought that we emit, creates it’s own ripple that affects our entire outer world.

One of the major messages in the Law of Attraction concept is how we direct our intention. What we think is what we become. If we are focusing on negative then we will see negative manifest in our lives. If we focus on positive, we will manifest positive. Obviously this does not mean that bad things will never happen. Perception plays a role, as well as faith, and gratitude, in dealing with the aftermath of any bad event.

When I began to realize how powerful my thoughts were, I seriously began to think and feel much more thoughtfully and carefully. I went back through my life and found absolute correlations between certain events and my contributory factors in them.

When religious people pray to their deity, they are creating intention. Chanting, is a form of creating intention. Making a wish and blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, a form of creating intention. Wishing on a falling star; Tossing a coin into a fountain; Wedding vows; The list is endless…

Paganism is based on the same ideas and principles. Taking intention to a higher level by adding specific rituals and objects of focus.

Honoring life and honoring nature, are considered disclaimers in personal ritual, so as to never harm another.

When asking, ask with gratitude, and do NOT attempt to alter another person’s will. Understand that, what we send out into the universe will affect what comes back to us.

Witchcraft, Wicca, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the others, all have their own forms of ceremony, ritual, and invocation. None are better or worse than the other, because we create our own external realities. The good, or the bad, lies in our individual intentions, not in who, or what, we appeal to.

If you can reach your highest plane, or frequency, find love and peace, and do harm to none, that is all that matters.