This is an art that has lost significance and meaning, because of media and Hollywood hype, as well as those that tried to silence believers of Pagan and Occult practices. So, as previously mentioned on other pages, leave everything you thought you knew behind, because you have an open mind, and you understand that the divine energy is within all of us.

When I began studying the various styles and beliefs in Occultism, I found that many of the same ideas and methods were suggested and utilized in various belief systems. Like most people these days, I was taught that divination was just fortune telling or parlor tricks, but with no real scientific facts to back any of them up. The idea that a deck of cards could tell us our future was laughable; But, I was a societal puppet after all, and again, the more information I gathered on my own, the more I realized that these things have been ostracized for centuries, BECAUSE of their effectiveness, and their power.

I remembered back to when I was a child, and our family had an ESP game put out by a guy named Kreskin. The thing I actually remembered most was the pendulum. The pendulum could answer mainly ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, indicated by the direction that it mysteriously moved in; Clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, or sideways. I remembered how bizarre this was, because it actually worked! My parents always had a way of making things sound insignificant, or that it was just a trick; They could never provide me with any answers as to how and why it worked.

The fact is, divination and dowsing have quite a history! Locating water, gold, or other minerals; Predicting the sex of an unborn child; Location of illnesses in the body. Even the military has used divination to locate underground mines and tunnels!

My point is, these various forms of divination are all effective because of the same principles. Our energy interacts with everything we see, feel, touch, think, hear, say, and believe. Energy is a beautiful thing, and understanding how it manifests is the basis of how ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ really work.

A pendulum, is just a stone or crystal, possibly a ring or a charm, suspended from a string, or small chain. A deck of Tarot Cards are just cards; Paper with images in ink. The reason these things work, is because of the energy that surrounds them, as well as the energy that surrounds us; The energy they are comprised of, and the energy that comprises us, all work and interact together.

Think of your body as a sort of battery, for instance. The fact that it has a positive and negative “charge” to it, like a battery having a positive and negative post. This is the concept of how energies transfer in and out of us and through other things. One side of our body has blood pumping from our heart, and the other side has blood pumping to our heart, in a continuous flow or cycle. Every blood cell is fuel for our bodies. Break down a blood cell, and what do you end up with? Like every other cellular structure, in everything, it all breaks down to the smallest and even smaller; Atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons (and even smaller still). These little electrical particles that are positively or negatively charged, are in constant motion.

Again, my point is, everything is constantly being electrically charged and is in motion. Energy can be felt, harnessed, and used for our benefit and if you don’t believe me, just go flip on a light switch. When someone is shuffling Tarot cards, they focus energy into their thought, and into a form of a question. Because the cards have a unique set of imagery designed to reflect a specific aspect of a particular form of energy, they can provide an answer with that imagery. Just like a magnetic puzzle where every piece is able to find its place effortlessly. It then only requires a knowledgeable interpreter to read the answers.

I personally use Tarot cards as tools. In some cases, I intermingle standard Tarot with other types of Oracle cards, in order to receive a more clear and detailed message, depending on what type of issue or question there happens to be. With the proper interpretation skills, training, and experience, it allows one to look deeper into a situation to find the answers they seek.