Is Magic Real?

What is the first thing you think of, when you hear the word “Magic?”

Magic, really has nothing to do with anything that Hollywood has made it out to be. So, right now I want you to just leave everything you’ve heard or seen in the media behind, with your open minds, and realize the idea of Magic has an extremely rational and important history.

I suppose throwing the word Occult out there will probably cause concern and you may find yourself wanting to go elsewhere. The fact is, the true meaning of that word is not scary or intimidating at all. The word Occult simply means “knowledge of the hidden.”

Some of the directions taken in the study and practice of Occultism, are Witchcraft or Wicca, magic, alchemy, astrology, extra sensory perception, spiritualism, and divination, to name just a few.

Even in our own ‘approved’ history books, there were more untruths about the Occult than there were truths. Fortunately, we are in a new information age, and it finally allows us better access to the real information that had either been outlawed, or suppressed, for generations. I encourage you to seek more information about what really happened in our history, especially the pre-Christian Paganism belief systems, as well as the realities of the Burning Times, and so forth!

Unfortunately, throughout our history, when some decided that they wanted all of the control and power, they used belief systems. Look at the many civilizations destroyed by the needs of men wanting to conquer and control, especially in the name of religion.

Paganism, which includes Witchcraft and Wicca, falls within the larger framework of Occultism. These have finally been recognized and accepted (depending on who you ask) in mainstream culture, as “Religions” in their own right. Personally, I try to avoid using the term(s) religious or religion when I refer to my own personal beliefs, because the term itself seems to carry conflicting connotations. I think that is how so many of us fall into the “label” trap, which if you think about it, is a form of manipulation that causes us to form opinions, or perceptions, that in most cases are just not valid or true. One example of how labels can become confusing: Witchcraft and Wicca are not the same, although there may sometimes be similarities, however, in most cases they are intermingled erroneously.

Now, there are darker sides of Occultism, yes, they do exist, but they do not define the entire spectrum of Occultism. Humans can be evil, regardless of how they identify themselves. Creeps are creeps no matter what color robe they may be wearing! If you choose to use the hidden knowledge for bringing about negative results for others, in order for you to gain power over them in some way, you are part of what Dark Occultism really is! That is NOT what this page is about! The knowledge we use, is to bring truth, love. and light to others, period.

So, here is my understanding of the definition of Magic:

*Magic is “manifesting change” in our inner and outer life, in compliance with our will; We can actively and consciously pursue this relationship with the universe, and with ourselves.*

If we use the powers of Intention, and the Law of Attraction, we can manifest positive change. 

**Here, we honor Nature and the Five Elements: Earth, Air, Fire,Water, Spirit

**We are all one with the Universe, we are all connected. Everything, including ourselves, is divine.

So, to answer the question of whether or not Magic is real… As long as you believe it to be so, then it is so!