Steemit Links, ETC… Out of the Ashes I Am Born

I thought I would share some of my activities from Steemit, as well as some more of my personal story…

I had written a poem back when I was in the fourth grade, and I was selected out of all of the fourth grade classes, as one of five children to read my poem in front of the school board. I wish my mother would have kept that poem, as I cannot remember the entire thing. It was about the “Wind.”

My life was not that of a child whose accomplishments were really celebrated. I felt much like furniture for the most part. My parents were too busy chasing external fulfillment, running on their own hamster wheels, dutifully obeying the machine that controlled them.

As a result of my generation, and from being a female child, not much effort was put into nurturing me, or encouraging me to be something. I suppose I was just expected to fit into a specific role, and ‘that would be that.’ I never felt that I belonged in any mold, so I fought, and I rebelled as I got older.

My creativity had been suppressed, not only from emotional neglect, but also from sexual abuse. Those events took place throughout my entire childhood, and ultimately stunted my creative experience, as well as my emotional and social growth.

It has been a painful journey, exorcising those old demons from my internal dialogue, and in realizing my true worth. The good thing though, is that the door that had been encasing all of my creative energies, has now been unlocked and is wide open! It is like a flood of light has given my creativity a whole new life!

This newfound creative expression led me to entering various writing contests on Steemit. I had assumed it would give me practice, and it would help me acclimate to the competitive nature in the art of writing itself.

Here, I will attach links to my more significant writings, though there aren’t many, as well as some of my regular blog posts. I hope you enjoy them: