The Five Elements


I want to briefly explain the importance of recognizing and understanding the concept of how the energies from these basic elements are interwoven into everything and everyone.

Any book or reference on the subject is generally the same in that, these basic elements are the literal building blocks to our very existence. There are some variations to these principles or belief systems, but for the most part they have been accepted as integral in our inner and outer world.

This ‘system’ allows us to create a direct connection to these five specific elements in order to manifest change that can directly affect our lives. You can learn how to invoke and work in unity with these elements, and their corresponding ‘dignities,’ as a means of focusing your intentions, and to activate an invisible and universal ‘machine.’

Once this machine is activated, and your intention is in motion, the manifestation is literally ‘under construction’ by the universe.


The Earth, the physical and literal plane that we live on. This element gives us our grounding and our sense of stability. Its energies provide us with knowledge and wisdom. It helps us to achieve our aspirations such as wealth, success and prosperity. On the physical plane this is considered a passive element; it is heavy. It is seen in representations such as gems and crystals, trees and mountains. Earth also represents fertility and a nurturing spirit. Think about the term “Mother Earth” and realize that was no accident; Earth is our Mother in this context. This elemental force also represents the direction of North, and the colors green or brown most commonly.


The Air above us, as opposed to the Earth below us, is an element of action and movement. The Air energies provide us with things like imagination and intellect. It can manifest as communication, inspiration, ideas, and even travel. One of my favorite aspects of this energy is sound. It has a masculine nature, and unlike Earth which was passive, Air is considered an active element; it is light. These elemental forces assist us in visualization and divination. Air represents the direction of East, and the color yellow.


The element of Fire can actually have positive and sometimes negative aspects for obvious reasons. We see fire as an element of warmth, brightness, passion, motivation, will-power, and also sexuality. Fire can also have a destructive side however, consider the devastation it can create if left unchecked, although it is a form of cleansing or clearing away for new growth. This is a powerful element and is connected to authority. Fire has a masculine nature and is considered an active element. Fire represents the direction of South, and most often the color red.


Water is my personal favorite. Water is origin of life in many aspects. As earthly creatures we cannot survive without Water, our bodies are made up mostly of this element. Emotion is abound in this element. It is love, family, friendships. Water can also represent psychic energy, as well as healing, intuition, and cleansing. Water has the power to extinguish Fire, and can erode solid rock. The fluid motion of water is soothing, calming, and relaxing. It is no surprise Water carries a deep feminine aspect; emotions, compassion, and the subconscious. Water is considered a passive element. Water represents the direction of West, and in general, the color blue.


Also known as The Fifth Element, Quintessence, Aether or Ether. Spirit is the culmination of all. The invisible matter that binds all forces and energies. Origin of source and soul. Some even consider it as a universal dark energy, the glue that connects all things. Spirit is pure and it is perfect. Spirit is the driving force of all the elements and all the energies. Spirit is balance. It is my belief that Spirit is the Beginning and End, Alpha and Omega. I honor it as Creation itself.