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My name is Patricia, and I thank you for visiting Puppet Uninterrupted!

In 2015 I became more lost than I’d ever been. I fell into an opportunity that allowed me to take time away from everything, and I jumped on it! During that time I found myself searching. I wasn’t searching for a God, or a husband, it was a search for truth- Not in a religion, not in a person, not with any group; But a search for universal, boundless truth, because I just knew there was more than what I’d been taught all my life.

My research led me deeper and deeper. I studied multiple levels of spiritualism in both modern religion, ancient occultism, philosophy, and other esoteric sciences.

I learned about energy, specifically the frequencies and energies surrounding us in this universe. I learned how I could actually ‘tap in’ to those energies as well. I learned how to use intuition, introspection, and the Law of Attraction to become empowered, and to change anything I wanted to about myself.

I have had my share of struggles in life: I was sexually abused for many years as a child; I suffered from clinical depression, abused drugs, isolated myself from everyone. I was burdened with a lot of guilt; I had extremely low self-esteem. My existence was so unbearable that at times, I had even considered taking my own life!

But, I know that I am not alone! We all have a story! Some are better and some worse; The key is, that it is OUR STORY, and there is no ‘external’ method, rule, pill, belief, religion, government, or savior, that can be a universal ‘fix-all’ when we find ourselves seeking to find serenity or answers. In other words, we tend to seek comfort outside of ourselves, we’ve practically been trained to do so, instead of looking inwards.

My purpose in creating this blog, is to provide information first and foremost. I needed to share at least some of what I have learned with all of the other seekers just like me. I also wanted to offer an open ear for others who may need another human being to guide them through the challenges they may be facing, without criticism or judgement.

I would also like to offer a unique, confidential, personalized service, to anyone that is seeking a more non-traditional approach to addressing and solving their questions or issues. Through divination using the Tarot and other Oracles, and through the Law of Attraction, I can show you how to grow and learn about yourself, which can help you to achieve a higher sense of who YOU are and where you are really going in your life.

Please browse around these pages and get a feel for things…

If you find that you would be interested in having a private session with me, please go check out the offerings page, then go to schedule a reading and fill out the contact form.

 I humbly welcome you and thank you!


Tarot and Oracle Card Interpreter

Personal Empowerment Guide


Student of Life in Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Sciences

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